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Siirto Online Casinos

As you may as well know, players from the Scandinavian countries love gambling online, but often face problems finding the perfect method to use, since the ones offered are not accepted in their country, but Finnish players have all of their problems solved with Siirto. This is a mobile payment solution that is getting a bigger acceptance across online casinos each month since both players and operators recognize its qualities. In fact, it is today available across most, if not all, casinos catering to players from Finland, so if one, stay with us to learn more about it. Why use Siirto as your online casino payment method?

Siirto FAQs

What is Siirto?

Siirto, as introduced, is a Finnish mobile payment solution that connects users, their bank accounts and their preferred online platform, via a mobile device. It allows for quick and efficient transactions via a mobile device, between the partnered banks.

Do I need to download an app to use it?

Yes. You can download the Nordea Siirto app, the OP-Mobile or the Pivo app, on any iOS or Android smartphone. The apps are available both in Google Play Store and Apple App Store and are super-easy to be downloaded.

Can you connect more than one bank account to it?

Actually, no. To avoid unnecessary complications, the solution only allows one bank account to be connected to one phone number. That way, when a sender sends money to a recipient, they can be certain that the right recipient, with the phone number and bank account it has registered on the service, receives the money.

What happens if I changed my phone number?

In case you needed to change your phone number, you would need to go to your app and delete your old phone number. Then, you’ll need to deactivate your current account in the Account Settings and re-register for a new account with the new phone number.

Is the solution only available in Finland?

Yes, in Finland and all of its regions, the Åland Islands included. Therefore, if a player from any Finnish region, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to use Siirto.

About Siirto

Launched in 2016 by Nordea and OP Bank, Siirto is a mobile payment solution in Finland which allows for real-time transfers between bank accounts using a mobile device, hence a mobile phone number. Today, it’s partnered with Bank of Åland and S-Bank, too. It is running on a system by Automatia, which maintains Otto ATMs, therefore, it allows for really instant transactions as soon as requested. It was designed to cater to Finnish users in the best way possible, allowing them to transact online in a few simple taps on their smartphone devices. It effortlessly connects users, their bank accounts and their chosen platforms/recipients, via a mobile device.

Transactions with it a really cost-effective and instant. It works as an intermediary, and the only pre-requirements you’d need to meet to use it are to have an active bank account with one of the leading partnered banks and an active phone number. Automatia’s system allows for the banks and the mobile service providers to offer separate mobile apps that would allow for the money transfer to go from one mobile device to another, meaning, from one user’s bank account (the sender’s) to another user’s bank account (the recipient).

Now, due to the convenience it offers, and the fact that leading Finnish banks are behind it, Siirto has quickly become one of the most popular payment solutions in Finland. It is an option for payments across cafes and restaurants, shops, shopping centres and all kinds of different online platforms. It is used all over the place, across all kinds of industries, the online gambling industry included. It should come as no surprise that it is accepted across most online casinos targeting players from Finland. So, to learn how to use it to make instant and cost-effective deposits, stay with us.

Types of Services Offered

The service Siirto offers is, obviously, an incredibly convenient one. It is a modern solution, for forward-thinking users who wish to download a simple app, connect it to their bank account and transact with it in just a few taps on their mobile devices.

Therefore, the only pre-requirements you’d need to meet to use its services are to have a bank account with one of the partnered banks, and an active mobile phone number. Then, to download an app to use it, you would need to visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on whether your device is powered by Android or iOS. Then, you’d need to choose whether you’d like to download the Nordea Siirto app, the OP-Mobile or the Pivo app on your smartphone.

Let’s assume you want to download the Nordea Siirto app on your Android smartphone, for instance. Visit Nordea’s website and you’ll learn all about the implementation and use of the app. This app is incredible because it allows you to use Siirto’s services even if you have an account different partnered bank! After you’ve downloaded the app, enter your phone number, and confirm it on the notification that pops up. Select the bank account you’d like to connect to your app, and with that, you’ll successfully set up your mobile payment solution account.

Now, let’s see how the solution works. Your app is all set, and now you wish to send money to someone. Instead of looking for their bank account and personal details to send a transaction, all you need to do is ask for their phone number, and if registered to the Siirto service, the money will arrive instantly. The app will make sure to find the recipient’s phone number in the system and in real-time, process the money. Before you confirm a transaction, though, make sure you double-check the name of the recipient. The most you can send in one day is €1,700, and there’s no limit as to how much you can receive per day.

There’s one more thing you should know. As an added layer of protection, the app uses an identification protocol you must go through. To add to the previous example, assuming you have a Nordea bank account, you would need to use your Nordea Codes or credentials to verify your identity. As soon as you provide the necessary details, the system will recognize you as the sender and complete your transaction.

How to Deposit with Siirto?

Considering getting started with the solution was incredibly easy, you have probably assumed by now that depositing with it would be even easier. But first, you’d need to choose a legit Finnish online casino to join which accepts it. There are plenty of international online casinos that accept Finnish players, offer them to play using the Finnish language and the euro currency. Most, if not all, of these casinos, also accept this amazing mobile payment solution.

Now, to make your first deposit with the solution, you would need to do the following:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Cashier/Banking/Deposits page.
  2. Find Siirto’s logo and tap on it, or look it up in the Mobile Payment section.
  3. Enter the amount of money you’d like to fund your online casino balance with in the designated field.
  4. Confirm the transaction and observe the money arriving on your balance in an instant.

You must have noticed that here, you didn’t have to enter the casino’s phone number as the recipient. Well, that’s because its phone number has been pre-set. In case it’s not, which would be highly unlikely, make sure you find the casino’s phone number on its homepage, and enter it.

The entire process is highly intuitive, and it will be explained at your chosen casino step by step. So, just follow the easy instructions, and in real-time, you’ll make a deposit using this mobile payment solution.

How to Make a Withdrawal with It?

It may seem unusual to you, considering its nature as a mobile payment solution, but Siirto is accepted for withdrawals, too. Since banks are involved in the transfer and not mobile service providers, just like you could send money via it, you can also receive money. The solution works both ways!

Just repeat the same procedure as described for deposits, and as soon as the casino approves the withdrawal, the system will process the transfer and send the money to your bank account, again in real-time! Yes, you will be withdrawing your winnings as fast as possible with this solution!

Country Restrictions and Other Limitations

If you’ve been paying attention, you must have noticed that we mention no other country than Finland when talking about Siirto. That’s because the solution is only accepted in Finland and its regions. Players from any other country cannot get access to its services, because they won’t be able to meet the requirements to get started with it and use it. They won’t have a Finnish bank account, nor a phone number to use it.

As far as other limitations go, there aren’t any really. The solution accepts only the euro currency, but that’s normal since the euro is the currency used in Finland.

You should know something, though. Even though the solution itself does not charge fees for using its service, the involved banks and mobile service providers might. If we get back to our previous example, Nordea promises that at the moment, it doesn’t charge fees to users for using its Siirto app, but it clearly states that depending on the tariff, it might start charging monthly fees related to the usage of the app, if any revisions are necessary.

Therefore, before you choose the app to go with, make sure you check the other partnered banks to see whether any fees are involved.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Siirto is one really convenient, cost-effective and easy to use solution across online casinos as a Finnish player. If you consider its popularity in the country, you will understand why users choose to use it over any other.

It processes transactions from one bank account to another in real-time, via a mobile device, using the participants’ phone numbers. It is offered by the leading Finnish banks, and the two pre-requirements you need to meet to use it are to have a bank account with one of those banks and an active phone number with any mobile service provider.

When it comes to making deposits with it, you can do that in just a few taps on your device. Deposits are processed instantly. But what’s great about it is, not only does it process withdrawals, which is unusual for a mobile payment service but withdrawals with it are also processed in real-time. Therefore, with it, you’ll be getting a seamless online gambling experience.

On the other hand, the fact that players from any country other than Finland and its regions, cannot use it is a real downside. Many players from other countries across the globe, when they see how great this solution is, would like to use it, but unfortunately, they won’t be able to.

Final Analysis

There’s no doubt that this is a quality payment solution to be used across all industries, but especially to be used in the online gambling industry, for instant deposits and withdrawals. It is a solution tied with the greatest banks in Finland, therefore, you can rest assured that your money will be safe with it, and processed with the utmost delicacy.

That’s actually its strongest suit, the fact that it has the ability to process transactions safely from one bank account to another in real-time, in just a few taps on a mobile device. This is extremely important for online casino players since they will have their deposits transferred instantly and directly from their bank account and their withdrawals directly to their bank account, without the need of creating separate accounts, but with the use of their mobile phone number. Therefore, if a Finnish player looking for more than a convenient solution to use across online casinos, make sure to choose Siirto!

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